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Rainbows, ocean reefs and parrots!

Yep, we know. A world full of color is a gazillion times more fun than one in black and white. Flowers and plants come in the most rich and vivid colors. But their pots, vases and planters holding them in place.. now that's a different story.

Flowers and pots are best friends and we think that the pot should not be left out from all the fun of having an impressive color palette. This is why we decided to make pots with stylish prints and improve them as statement pieces in your home.

Born, bred and buttered out of Stockholm

While there's not too many tropical flowers growing around Sweden, sublime creativity does flow hard. Some of our prints we do ourselves and others are created by some of the most excellent designers out there.

Together we strive to make your plants proud inhabitants of their pots and encourage people everywhere to embrace the spectral composition of visible light. Welcome to a world filled with color.

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