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Terms & Conditions


The below terms and conditions are applied when Swedish or other applicable law doesn’t provide terms that is in conflict with these. For private consumers Konsumentköplagen and Distansavtalslagen is applied, which also includes protection for Poppy Poppy (Addod Addod AB). For more information, look at Konsumentverkets own website.


Poppy Poppy (Addod Addod AB) cooperates with Klarna AB and Mondido and uses their services for all our payments. That means that our claim will be transferred to Klarna AB which is in turn transferring the claim to Nordea Finans Sverige AB (publ). Your personal information is treated in accordance with GDPR and personuppgiftslagen. Klarna meets requirements of PCI DSS and uses SSL-certificate. Accepted payments are:

Klarna faktura

Payment is made to Nordea to given account. Payment terms 14 days, after the shipment has left our warehouse. Invoices are sent to the email you’ve provided when ordering. To order by invoice you need to provide your full personal identification number and this is then stored in our customer records.  If you do not wish to provide your full personal identification number or if Klarna denies payment choice when ordering, we recommend using another payment method (credit card or Swish). Shipping by invoice is only done to registered addresses. 

Klarna’s invoice terms

Shop now - pay after delivery. When paying via Klarna invoice you’re shopping safe and simple. You never have to submit your card details and are always paying upon receipt of product/s.

  • Always get the product before payment
  • Payment terms are 14 days
  • You never have to submit card details
  • Always 30 days cancellation in accordance with distans- and hemförsäljningslagen*
  • Download your invoices from
  • Possibility to paying in installments

If payment is not made a reminder fee will be applied (currently 60 SEK), and an interest fee of 24% + current reference rate. When purchasing, a credit check will be made, which in some cases will result in a credit report (kreditupplysning). You will then receive a copy by mail. Personal information is handled in accordance with current law. Klarna handles personal information with the purpose of making customer analysis, identification, credit check and marketing. Personal identification number is used as a client number in customer management purposes.

*Not applicable for custom made products. Klarna AB, organization number SE556737-0431

Credit cards

We accept MasterCard and Visa.

After completed purchase by invoice you can choose to change payment to credit card. If the payment shouldn’t be approved your order will be paid by invoice. We want to make you aware of that the order’s full price will be charged from your credit card within the next few days, even if the order is not shipped immediately. We reserve the right not to handle any orders made with credit cards if we have reasons to do so. If this is the case the paid sum will be refunded and the order cancelled.


Pay in installments

Poppy Poppy (Addod Addod AB) offers in cooperation with Klarna AB two different installment alternatives. One is that you pay a fixed monthly cost in 3, 6, 12 or 24 months. This option is optionable when your order exceeds the sum of 1000 SEK. If you choose this option, the invoice/credit is transferred to Klarna AB. For full credit and account terms, see Klarna Pay Later in 4 Instalments Terms.

The sum to pay is calculated upon the chosen payment rate. The following alternatives are available for installment payment:

  • 3 months with 0 % yearly interest (administration fee 95 SEK)
  • 6 months with 0 % yearly interest (administration fee 195 SEK)
  • 12 months with 0 % yearly interest (administration fee 295 SEK)
  • 24 months with 9,95 % yearly interest (administration fee 295 SEK)

A fee of 29 SEK/invoice is added. If more than one installment purchases are made, they will be aggregated on a monthly invoice.

Klarna konto

The second option is an account alternative, where you pay in your own pace. Here you can choose yourself which amount to pay every month, though at least 1/24 or minimum 50 SEK including administration fee. You always pay after receipt of order. If you have many installment payments these are aggregated together on your monthly invoice. This means that you with your installment payment open up an account at our payment partner Klarna AB. If you’ve made many installment payment purchases you will pay an administration fee. Klarna konto has 19,5% annual interest but no arrangement fee. You can at any time end your installment payment plan by paying the remaining payable amount.

Direct payment

We accept direct payment from the following banks: Handelsbanken, Nordea, SEB and Swedbank. Our direct payments are handled by Klarna AB.

After finalized your purchase to invoice you can change the payment option to direct payment. If the direct payment should not be approved, your payment will be changed to invoice.

We want to make you aware that the payment will be withdrawn from your account within the following days after order, even if delivery cannot be made directly. We reserve the right not to handle orders done with direct payment if we have reasons not to do so. In this case, we will refund your payment and remove your order.

Reminder fees and interest

If you do not pay your invoice in time, Klarna will send a reminder with a reminder fee (currently 60 SEK) and with an interest fee of 24% + current reference rate. Payment should be made to the account and the payee written on the invoice.

Please note! VAT is included in all our prices.

Shipping, delivery and cancellation 

Shipping and delivery

Poppy Poppy has no smallest order value. After a completed order, a confirmation email is sent out to the submitted email with terms and conditions of the purchase. All packages are sent out in cooperation with Envirozone AB to sub postmasters. In order to pick up your package, you will need a serial or tracking number together with a valid id.

  • Shipping is always free for purchases over 499 SEK, otherwise shipping is 79 SEK in Sweden.
  • Delivery is made within 1-3 working days. Longer delivery time might occur for certain postal codes in Norrland and Gotland.

If the delivery has been delayed, you have the right to cancel your purchase. Please contact customer service to do so. If delivery is delayed due to extraordinary events (also called force majeure), such as way, riot, strikes, lockout, different types of natural disasters, fires or issues with shipping companies, Poppy Poppy is not responsible for delays of shipments.

Another delivery address

If you want the package to be sent to another than your own please make a note of this when ordering. If you choose another delivery address you will not be able to use Klarna faktura or Klarna delbetalning as payment.

Shipping to minors

We do not ship to minors (under 18 years of age) without guardian's permission.


You have the right to cancel your order in part or full until you've received the products/or if they are ordered to a sub postmaster (postombud).

*All Poppy Poppy’s product manuals/instructions are in English.


We offer a 30 day withdrawal policy.

If you want to use our withdrawal policy you always have to contact our customer service and we will send you a return shipping label and help you with your return. You can also fill out Konsumentverkets withdrawal form and send to us. Please do not send any package back to us before contacting customer service. This will lead to prolonged handling time. You can reach us at

You have the right, without any fee incurring, to open the package to control that the product is working within reasonable limits. Please note that if the product has been used and is no longer in an unchanged condition we waive the right to deduct between 15-80% of the original price. If the product has, due to improper use, lead to product failure, we will not refund the purchase price. In order for you to get a full refund, the product has to be able to be sold “as new” and it’s original packaging should be returned in essentially unchanged condition. The withdrawal period is counted from the day you’ve recieved/picked up the product at your sub postmaster (postombud).

In case of regretted purchase

If you regret your purchase, you as a customer are responsible for the return shipping fee, which is as of today 79 SEK for all returns. Shipping that has been paid by you will not be refunded post return. After refunding the product in unchanged condition Poppy Poppy will refund you within 14 days of receipt, excluding the return fee of 79 SEK. This is counted from the day Poppy Poppy has received the return or other evidence of return has been shown as proof to Poppy Poppy. 


  • Please package the product so that it won't be damaged during return transport.
  • Put the return shipping label on the package and leave it at your local post-/SchenkerPrivpak-ombud. If done this way we will be able to help you solve your return as quickly as possible.

We do not refund shipping damage due to inadequate wrapping, or returns that have gone missing if you’ve managed the return by yourself.

Products that has been specially tailored for a customer does not incur withdrawal policy, exchange policy or refund. If a product is damaged in transport, Poppy Poppy should be notified as soon as the damage has been discovered.

If returns are made due to error from Poppy Poppy’s side, Poppy Poppy will expense the return shipping.


If you would receive a faulty or defective product we want you to contact our customer service, so that we can help you remedy the issue and see to it that it does not happen again. Please contact us at latest 2 months after your receipt of products (if you’ve been unable to do this at delivery). It is advisable that you inspect products upon delivery.

Always contact our customer service ( and we will send you a return shipping label and help you with your complaint. Please note! Never send back products before contacting customer service. It will lead to prolonged handling time. To be able to handle your complaint we will need you to send us the following information:

  1. Customer number or personal identification number 
  2. Invoice number
  3. Which items you want to return
  4. Attach a clear error description. We will receive the complaint and get back to you with return instructions. We might ask for a picture that shows the damage.

We do not refund shipping damages due to lack of packaging.

  • Always package the product so that it is not damaged in return shipment.
  • Always package in the original box and packaging to avert any transport damage.
  • Put the return shipping label on and drop at your local sub postmaster.

We will refund the return shipment by sending you a return shipping label from our customer service. Shipping that has been paid by the customer will not be refunded post return.

If your product has been damaged or lost during transport, Poppy Poppy is responsible. Please make customer service aware as soon as possible about this for the fastest handling, however at latest within reasonable time (if you as a customer have been unable to do so when the product/s was delivered).

Sales to consumers (individuals) fall under konsumentköplagen, which means that Poppy Poppy should remedy any errors or redeliver if this can be done without any unreasonable cost or inconvenience for Poppy Poppy. Furthermore, Poppy Poppy has the right to remedy any error by reparation or exchange the defective item to a new one. 


Warranty for a purchased product expires under any circumstances after 3 years.


If a dispute would arise our policy is to follow the Allmänna Reklamationsnämndens recommendations.


These terms and conditions are valid where Swedish or other applicable law does not prescribe terms that are in conflict with these. For consumers (individuals) the law of distansavtal (2005:59) is applied. More information about this can be found at Konsumentverket’s homepage.

Products and prices

All products that are sold in the store can be used in Swedish and shall follow Swedish law. Prices are shown in local (SEK) currency and these prices are in effect (including VAT).

Retention of title

All products will be Poppy Poppy’s property until full payment has been made.


Poppy Poppy reserves the right to change all information, also but not limited to price adjustments, stock adjustments, technical issues, changes of technical specifications and eventual typographical errors on our website/ads. Furthermore, some product images and product information may not be final. All pictures shall be referred to as illustrations and cannot fully represent actual appearance or usage. The prices given in checkout are however final and cannot be changed after finalized purchase.

Deviation from terms are only valid if both parties has signed a special agreement that regulates new terms or after Poppy Poppy has, directly on its website, informed about deviations. Poppy Poppy reserves the right to cancel any order without referring to a particular reason.


Force Majeure

In case of an extraordinary event such as war, riot, strikes, lockout, different types of natural disasters, fires, issues with shipping companies or any other type of incident that Poppy Poppy couldn’t remedy, Poppy Poppy is not responsible and therefore cleared from any obligations the fulfill the agreement entered into.

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